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Niacinate contains 505 mg of niacin from 115 mg of inositol hexaniacinate in capsule form. This supplement may be useful for individuals wishing to support the body’s cardiovascular system.

Vitamin B3, better known as niacin, regulates fundamentally important physiological functions within the body. Without it, the body cannot release energy from carbohydrates or fats that are consumed. In addition, studies have shown that it is helpful in the healthy metabolism of cholesterol. However, typical dosing of niacin can cause a “flushing” sensation, including feelings of heat, itchiness and burning, especially around the facial area. These effects are due to histamine release from the mast cells, starting approximately 20 minutes after ingestion and lasting from one to one and a half hours. The need for an alternative to pure niacin has led to the use of inositol hexaniacinate. This compound consists of six molecules of niacin and one molecule of inositol. When it is metabolized in the body, it is broken down into its components. Due to its chemical structure, supplementation with inositol hexaniacinate is generally better tolerated than niacin alone and is associated with a decreased likelihood of a flushing sensation.

Inositol Hexanicinate 115 mg (supplying 505 mg of Niacin activity)

Suggested Use:
Adults take 1 capsule daily with meals or as directed by physician.


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