Quality is Everything

Ever Wonder...

  • Where the raw materials for your supplements come from?
  • If the raw materials are tested for bacteria, mercury, lead and other contaminants?
  • If the concentrations of raw materials said to be in the products are consistently present?
  • If the manufacturing facility is high grade & food quality?
  • If the supplements digest properly in your body for bio-absorption?
  • If the supplement formulation is optimized based on current scientific literature?

We Do.

Our manufacturing and research team considers these questions when designing and making their proprietary formulations to ensure the products you recieve are of the highest quality. Our raw materials are independently tested to ensure they are not contaminated and that they contain the desired concentrations of the source product. Further, we personally inspect the food-grade manufacturing facilities that combine our raw materials and bottle our products. We are constantly researching our formulations to ensure that what you are receiving is medically meaningful and based on scientific information.

However, our testing process does not stop once manufacturing is complete. Our scientists test our products to ensure that your supplements are biologically effective once they are digested in your system.

We take great care in our patients and our supplements. We work hard to ensure what you are purchasing is of the highest quaility and we believe you'll notice the difference.

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