Our Story

Keith I Block, M.D. and Penny Block, Ph.D. founded The Block Center for Optimal Wellness and The Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment where they have been treating patients for over 30 years. Together, they pioneered an integrative approach to medicine - treating an illness by taking the entire patient into consideration.

The Block Center’s treatment philosophy embodies the highest level of conventional medicine and integrates those conventional protocals with advanced complementary therapies such as nutrition, exercise, and a supplement program.

A major tenet in The Block Philosophy involves “treatment of one’s terrain.” Dr. Block uses the following analogy to describe this:

Modern day pharmaceuticals target a specific disease and they are effective in treating their targeted ailment. Nutriceuticals work more generally, quieting the biological pathways that lead to disease and disease progression. If a disease is a forest fire then the pharmaceuticals are the fire hoses that target the disease. Nutriceuticals are a soaking rain that helps to prevent the fire from starting.

A healthy diet and regular exercise including aerobic and strength training are core components of maintaining a healthy terrain. However, simply following these guidelines may not be enough. Exercise and digestion create free radicals that can damage DNA, a potential precursor to disease. Antioxidant supplementation can help absorb these free radicals and limit their damage. Other activities, lifestyle choices or genetic predisposition to processes such as inflammation can “dry out” your terrain. Regular supplementation with anti-inflammatory substances such as fish-oil can not only soak your forest but can bring relief to those who suffer from pain associated with inflammation. Other supplements have shown direct scientific evidence in supporting natural body processes such as digestion, bone health, sleep and immunity.

In looking at the supplement landscape, there were very few products and companies Dr. Block felt comfortable recommending his patients, either due to questions of quality or formulations and concentrations that simply were not biologically effective. As a result, Life Essentials was born.

So whether you are looking to target a specific ailment or are working to quench your entire terrain, The Life Essentials supplement program is a great place to start. Following the general recommendations as indicated on our labeling can make a huge difference in how you feel. People wanting a more specific plan can contact The Block Center for additional information as to how to get a tailored regimen.

Another resource is Dr. Block's book, Life Over Cancer, which summarizes The Block Center's philosophy and cancer treatment program.

Wishing You Wellness.